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Being distinguished, networking plays a prominent role and rules the global market. It's been astonishing that the versatility of networking is tremendous. Bonfring focus on networking stream to magnify the networking applications and bring out the standards and innovation from hidden corners.


Ad-Hoc and Sensor Network, Computer Network, Computer Networking and Applications, Distributed Computing, Grid Computing, Innovation in Computer Networking, Intelligent Networking, Internet and Web Technologies, Mobile Ad-Hoc and Sensor Network, Network Security and Cryptography, Networking Protocol, Parallel Computing, Virtual Private Networks, Wireless Sensor Network, Network Architectures, High speed networks, Network Performance Analysis & Evaluation, Routing, switching and addressing techniques, Next Generation Internet, Next Generation Web Architectures, Network Operations & management, Network Management and Administration, Internet and Web applications, Congestion Control Mechanisms, Ubiquitous networks, Mobile networks & Wireless LAN, Intelligent Networking, Measurement & Performance Analysis, Information Theory & Information Systems, Peer to peer and overlay networks, QoS and Resource Management, Low-Power Network, Network Based applications, Multimedia Networking and Video Streaming, Network Security, Self-Organizing Networks and Networked Systems, Optical Networking, Recent trends & Developments in Computer Networks, Network Security and Cryptography, Routing and Traffic Management, Social, Ethical Issues Of Networked World, Virtual Private Networks

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